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Chakra Therapy is a series of hair care products designed to help you tap into a higher consciousness. 


Chakra Therapy Kit Includes:

1.  Crown Chakra Moisturizing Shampoo 

1.  Crown Chakra Moisturizing Conditioner

1. Nirvana Intense Moisturizing Cream

1. Atman Flaxseed Styling Gel




Chakra Therapy looks at the physical body and the flow of life’s energy force . Each chakra contains a vital key to unlocking life’s energy force. By placing attention and intention on the location of each chakra, we are able to purify, transform, and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. 


Benifits of Chakra Therapy

. Release of emotional pain from past experiences that gets stored in different levels of the body. 

. Shift the energy around deeply rooted behaviors, helping you break free of old conditioned patterns 

. Nourish and develop positive traits

.Igniting your inner intelligence allowing you to bloom into your full potential. 

.Support your spiritual and meditation practice. 

Chakra Therapy Kit

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  • Our physical bodies contain seven major energy centers know as chakras. These nodes of life energy help regulate your physical, mental and spiritual well being. When your chakras are in balance, you feel safe, creative, strong and secure in yourself and your relationships. At times chakras become imbalanced, and there are ways to bring your deficient or excessive chakras into balance. Chakra healing opens you up to your fullest potential as a natural and energetic being, which brings the ultimate potential for health, happiness, and creating the life you want to live. 

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