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Using plant derived cleansers, this shampoo was designed to remove heavy oils and build up, leaving the hair free of any impurities. 


Crown Chakra Moisturizing Shampoo

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  • Crown Chakra Shampoo 

    Your Crown Chakra is your connection to the divine, pure consciousness and intelligence of the universe. When energy flows freely through this chakra, you have a great sense of inner peace. You are not worried about others opinion, and life other than what it already is. If you find yourself constantly attached to things you don't really need, or feeling the need to be validated by others, theres a chance your crown chakra could be blocked. Other symptoms could include exhaustion and an inability to make decisions. 


    To bring balance to your crown chakra, start by incorporating this shower meditation during your shampoo routine. 


    I always recommend cleansing your space before you begin any meditation. 


    . Smudge ( burn) sage to remove any negative energy that could be present at the time. 

    . Follow up with Palo Santo ( Sacred Wood)  which deposits positive energy into your sacred space. 

    . Display any crystals and candles you may have around your shower area that will help create the Aura you desire. 

    . Turn on your Shower

    . As you enter the shower, imagine yourself entering into a sacred space, under your full control. Step underneath the water and close your eyes. 

    . Concentrate on the feel of the water, falling upon your head and skin. 

    . Gently inhale, expanding your belly, and exhale retracting the belly back to your body. Repeat 3 times. 

    . Gently open your eyes and reach for your Crown Chakra Shampoo. Pour a dime sized amount in the palm of your hand. 

    . Bring your hands beneath your nostrils and gently inhale and exhale. Feel yourself becoming more relaxed. 

    . Apply shampoo to damp hair, and gently massage into your scalp, continuing to breathe deeply.

    . Visualize yourself washing away all stress and anxiety. 

    . As you begin to rinse, envision the power of the water washing away all negative thoughts. Feel sadness, regret, anger, and depression washing right off you, down the drain. 

    . Feel the lightness of your body from releasing those negative energies.

    Follow up with your Crown Chaka Conditioner. 

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