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This kit includes everything that I would normally use in the salon to complete the perfect silk press! The products included are the following 


-Food for soft shampoo and conditioner. This line contains hyloronic acid which is great for anyone who has dry porous hair! It restores the moisture levels to make sure tour silk press has lots of body and shine!


- Miracle creator- This is a spray leave in conditioner, heat protectant, porosity filler and so much more! There are 20 different benifits listed on the back of the bottle! Its very lightweight so you dont have to worry about your hair being weighed down by heavy products. Stiff where!?


- Mega Sleek- This is your finishing touch! Once your hair is blown dry and its time to flatiron, this spray will help to smooth any unwanted frizz that can try and put a damper on your look! Its also a heat protectant and is anothe weightless product to ensure your hair is full of bounce! 

Silk Press Gift Set

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