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Serina Renee is an artist, educator, and texture specialist with a passion for empowering individuals to embrace their natural hair journey. She began her career as an Aveda graduate, where she developed a deep understanding of the importance of hair care. Over the years, Serina has honed her skills and expertise, specializing in curly hair care and hair coloring services.

As an educator and artist for the Matrix brand, Serina has spent the last eight years immersed in the world of curly hair. Her extensive knowledge of the unique needs of coiled and curly hair has made her a go-to resource for individuals seeking expert guidance and support.

Serina is big on mental health and understands the crucial role it plays in hair care. She is focused on bridging the gap between health and wellness and hair care, guiding members of the natural hair community to expertly care for their coiled and curly hair through a unique blend of mental wellness and intentional hair care practices.

With a commitment to delivering an exceptional salon experience, Serina Renee is dedicated to providing practical and effective solutions to meet the needs of curly clients. Her mission is to educate and inspire her clients and fellow professionals through intentional hair care practices, while fostering a supportive and inclusive community that empowers individuals to embrace their natural beauty.

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