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Meditation is a mental exercise that involves relaxation, focus and awareness. Meditation is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body. 

There are three ways of meditating:

Focusing your attention on a single object, Internal or external.

Meditating on Beach
Iyengar Class

Paying attention to whatever is predominant in your life at the present moment without allowing attention to get stuck on one particular thing. 

Allowing awareness to remain present. Not engaged with either focusing or observing

Meditation Hand Gesture
Looking to meditate on the go?
Sis prepared a meditation mixtape for you, your grandma & your cousin too!
There are many scientifically proven benefits of meditation:

- Improves emotional well being 

- Improves your performance in any mental or physical task 

- Keeps you healthy 

- Helps prevent disease 

- Improves focus 

Results can be as soon as 4 weeks depending on how often you practice. 

Looking for more meditations? check out the link below!

What are Meditations??

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