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Single on Valentines Day

Here it is, another Valentine's Day, and your single and alone. Wishing you had someone to share this day with. Wishing you had someone to shower you with love, affection, gifts and more.

I know all whats it's like to feel like this, but this year I want to invite you to view this day with a new perspective. If your looking for someone to love on this day, your perfect date is going to be YOU.

When these holidays come around, we tend to focus on what we lack. The partner we don't have, the love we don't have, the family we don't have and how we wish things were different than our current reality. But If we want to attract those things in life, we must BE them first. "Where your focus goes, your energy flows". So when we focus on what we don't have, we attract more of what we don't have. The great part about this is it works the other way around as well. If we focus on loving ourselves we will attract those who love us as well. So this Valentine's Day, I challenge you to be your own Valentine!

All the things you wish for someone to do for you on this day, do it for yourself! Don't wait for someone to come and do it for you. Create that experience for yourself! Here's a few ways for you to create the perfect date!

Write a love letter to yourself

You know that feeling you get when your so in love that you express all the ways in which you love your partner? Express that to yourself! Be specific! Share details of how the sun hits your skin and your beautiful brown eyes. It's so easy for us to express our love for others but challenging when we have to do it for ourselves. Don't be shy or feel embarrassed and remember, no one will see this letter but you!

Do some self talk

We can all admit that we practice some pretty negative self talk. We often are our worst critics when it comes how we look and behave. These negative thoughts trick our minds into believing these things are true, and start to define our worthiness when it comes to what we deserve.

So next time you have a negative thought, catch yourself and turn it into something of love. Challenge yourself to stand in the mirror and speak love and light to yourself.

Take yourself on a date

What better way to show yourself some love then to take yourself on a date! Only you know yourself the way you do. Go to your favorite spot to eat, take yourself to see a movie. If you love to dance, go out or take a class! If your looking for romance, create a beautiful set up just for you! Remember to get just as cute and sexy as you would if you were going out with someone. You are the prize and you deserve it! I love you and I pray you learn to love you too!

Sending you so much love

Happy Valentine's Day

-Serina Renee'

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