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All natural, leave in conditioner designed to soften and moisturize the hair. 

Delivers touchable results with an abundance of hair, and scalp, moisturizing nutrients. A noticeable difference is felt from the first use as soft, shiny, healthy, hair is restored.

Nirvana Leave In Conditioner

  • The word Nirvana relates to a state of enlightenment meaning a persons individual desires (earthy) and suffering ( karma) go away. In Sanskrit, Nirvana is the highest state of consciousness that someone can attain. To be in a state of Nirvana means to be free from those bonds that enslave us. It is the ultimate happiness that comes when we are liberated from finding pain or pleasure in impermanent objects. Nirvana is a state of consciousness above all others, which should be the ultimate goal in this life. 


    To begin your liberation, start by incorporating this uplifting meditation using our Nirvana Intense Moisturizing Cream

    . Following your Crown Chakra Meditation, towel dry your hair. In the same sacred space, close your eyes and place your feet flat, pushing your heals into the ground. Feel yourself becoming more grounded. 

    . Gently inhale, expanding your belly, and exhale retracting the belly back to your body. Repeat 3 times. 

    Gently open your eyes and reach for your Nirvana Intense Moisturizing Cream. 

    . Pour a dime sized amount into the palm of your hands. Rub your hands together. 

    . Bring your hands beneath your nostrils and gently inhale and exhale. Repeat 3 times. 

    . Apply to towel dried hair, continuing to breathe deeply. 

    . Envision an old book full of your past. Everything you've done both positive and negative. Flip through the pages of this book and begin to read your ancestry karma. Give thanks for every decision, both good and bad. As you get to the last page, you look to the left and see a new book. Its brand new and never been used. Think of this book as a new beginning. Feel your body releasing these family karmic constraints that were incurred by others and not yourself. This book is empty and ready to record your new beginning. You are free of all that does not serve your highest good. 

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